635Who are the G2 Volunteers?

G2 volunteers are retirees, college students, professionals, police officers, and many others who choose to become part of the solution to the challenges facing teachers, students and families.  G2 provides an environment which engages volunteers and cements long lasting relationships.  Volunteer retention is over 90% year to year and most leave only for health reasons or relocation outside the area.

If there were a way to increase the self-esteem of children, would you help? Would you support a program that decreases school absences? What about a program that increases enthusiasm for learning among children who like school the least? Of course you would! Please become a volunteer with Generation Two. G2 creates a foundation for learning in elementary schools.

694These are children in regular classrooms in the Rochester City and Fairport school districts. Volunteers meet once a week from early October through May to play one on one consecutively with 3 children for 30 minutes each. All meetings take place in a supervised group setting; no one is alone with a child. Afterwards, there is a half hour group discussion with the other volunteers and the site coordinator. The time commitment is 2 hours per week. Full training and ongoing support is provided. There are 4 in-service education programs during the year that address various topics on education and child development. This is a great position for anyone who likes children. No special skills are needed beyond a smile and the ability to play checkers or make ‘cookies’ out of play-doh. We have a lot of fun and the children love us.

Most of our volunteers start in October, but we also have an ongoing need for substitutes and, occasionally, replacement volunteers who can come in for both planned and short notice absences of our regular volunteers. This is a great way to see if you’d like to become a regular weekly volunteer.


Other Volunteer Opportunities:

If you have a skill that you think would benefit G2 please contact us!
– Website maintenance
– Event planning and assistance
– Fundraising
– Mailings
– Newsletter
– Social Media

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The Power of Community Engagement

Speak to a G2 volunteer and they will tell you that their life has been immeasurably enriched by their G2 experience.  In addition to “their child,” whom they come to love, volunteers experience formation of the new friendships with other volunteers, and growth of feelings of self- worth. They also reach out and advocate for children throughout the community. They share their experience at the schools, engage with student’s families, tutor in the classrooms, and chaperone field trips.


Volunteers Secure the Child’s Safety

The G2 relationship provides a safe person with whom a child may communicate. The following are real examples of experiences children shared with their G2 friend: divorce, murder of a parent, parent incarceration, parole of family members, death of a sibling, family gang activity, rape, physical abuse, domestic violence, and exposure to violence.  In many cases, the volunteer was the first to learn of these experiences and immediately was able to reach out to obtain support for the child.  G2 makes referrals within the school and to Child Protective Services to ensure appropriate intervention.



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