Volunteers describe G2 in 5 words or less . . .

Makes me feel young

Allows kids to be themselves

Kid directed 1:1 time

Empathy over expectation

Kids play, I smile

Short time, big impact

Becoming closer to another person

Relationships drive it all

Being together is so joyful



Kids celebrated for being kids

Different generations having respectful fun

Fun, entertaining, learning, giving, receiving

Buddies laughing, sharing, playing together

I love my three friends

Good friends creating lasting bonds

Young and “young at heart”

Making new friends is wonderful

G2 is listening, sharing, smiling

Making feel-good memories

Mutually rewarding and memorable

Letting kids create, discover, laugh

Kids play with a smile

Time together equals happiness

Joy in this fleeting moment

Listening to their stories

A chance to be a kid again

G2 makes me feel great





Overheard at G2 . . .


I am so happy it’s Wednesday

I missed you

Me too

Want to see what I can do?

Actually this project is for you!

Would you like to help with that?

Maybe next time.

Will you teach me how?



These are not blocks… they’re pets

OK, this is for the championship

See this button? It makes the car fly.

Looking good!

I think that is wonderful

Here is your cupcake, (whispering) but don’t really eat it

Here, you be this guy

Look what you did all by yourself!

I’ll follow your lead

I like that even better

In this game, I actually get two turns

Whoa! How did you do that?

I’m listening

I bet you that’s enough scotch tape

Wait you play this when you were little?

We have time to play one more thing

Let’s clean up together


I love you

See you next time

I can’t wait

I have a mustache just like yours

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