What parents are saying

Kelly Zaryk

I think this was a great program offered for my child.

I wish I was able to meet his G2 buddy earlier on in the year; it may have been offered but I wasn’t able to go. I liked how his G2 buddy had a log of notes from the times they met to look at since my child never seems to report what they did or discussed that day!

Carrie Gersh ...

I really love the G2 program and I’m so thankful Murray has been able to participate. He is so proud to show me his craft and tell me about the games he and Jackie played.

John Hurrell ...

Ryan really enjoyed G2. He enjoyed playing with Miss Jeanie. In fact, since he sees his G2 buddy once a week, he is more familiar and comfortable with her. When asked whether he likes his paternal grandma or Jeanie better, he said Jeanie. Our oldest had Mr. Cafferty for the 2013 2014 year and did not get a chance to participate in G2 we wish he had.

Michelle Brown ...

G2 is a great program that we are so lucky to have at JA. My son loves Mrs. Val and looks forward to G2 on Tuesdays. It is a great opportunity for him to have 1:1 attention with an adult, and be able to choose what he wants to do/play for a half hour. Thank you so much to the volunteers who give their time to the kindergartners at JA and truly help them learn and grow.

Jan Fortuna ...

G2 is coming to an end? We will be so sad to see it end. Allie’s weekly time with Miss Linda has been one of her favorite parts of kindergarten. The relationship built has made Allie were competent and enthusiastic about school. It is such a wonderful and valuable program. I hope it continues so that all kids can benefit from the special time with these special people!

And volunteers were asked “Why do you volunteer with G2?”

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