fun-paisleyInside the G2 Classroom

Visit a G2 classroom and you will be surrounded by lively voices and laughter of children deciding what to play today.  Each volunteer provides guidance but allows the child to make decisions and set up the activity.  Look around the room and you’ll see books, games, arts and craft materials, play dough, toys, dolls, building blocks like Legos.  Observe the Volunteer and child sharing an emotional bond, building Lego’s, playing Candyland, drawing pictures and sculpting play dough.  that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Come back to the same room in 2 or 3 months and witness progress:  Some children will have discovered that reading the words in a game, like Sorry, help them win and are actively engaged in learning words. Others realize that it’s important for their partner to win sometimes, thus learning empathy.   Learning is active and continuous.


631G2 by the Numbers

Each classroom has 6 -8 volunteer-child pairings, (one to one). The child and volunteer interact weekly for a 30 minute period.  One hundred & twenty (120) volunteers participate.

During the 2015-16 school year G2 volunteers worked with 258 children; 144 Kindergarten and first grade students at Nathanial Rochester School #3 in Rochester and 144 at Jefferson Ave School in Fairport. Additionally 21 second grade students at School 3 participated in a pilot program which extended the G2 experience.


How Are Classrooms Supervised?

Each classroom is under the direct supervision of the coordinator.  Coordinators and volunteers both receive ongoing extensive training.   Coordinators constantly monitor conversations and activities to be able to support, correct or re-direct activity is warranted.  At the end of each day volunteers record observations about each child in their Journal and hold a de-briefing meeting with coordinators and volunteers.

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