Generation Two has a three-fold mission, seeking to make an important difference in the lives of young school-age children, of the adults who work with them, and for the communities in which we all live and work.

G2 is built upon intergenerational friendships between young children and adult volunteers—child-centered relationships that help the children develop positive attitudes toward school and their communities. Just as the children’s weekly engagement with supportive volunteers promotes pull-missiontheir trust in adults, so it builds confidence in themselves. The creative aspects of play stimulate their eagerness to learn and explore, beginning with their desire to come to school and their sense of well-being while there. Such creative and respectful relationships naturally affect the adults as well. In addition to the obvious benefits of being affirmed by children and knowing that they are valued and valuable, the G2 volunteers learn to take a cooperative and practical approach to educational and social challenges. As they gain a clearer sense of what children need to learn and thrive, they also become more effective advocates for children in their communities.

Generation Two also seeks to engage our community in more immediate and visible ways by inviting members of particular organizations to take part in its program. In the last year, the weekly involvement of fourteen city police officers has created new levels of understanding and trust between the officers and the children, their parents, and school personnel. Encouraged by this shared success, G2 is now working to involve other community groups in its program.



Generation Two will be the recognized leader in creating intergenerational friendships between young children and adults within school communities. Our civic engagement, child centered intergenerational school programs and child advocacy initiatives will send a strong message that children have the intrinsic motivation to be engaged and active learners during their first years in education.

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